About Us

We meet on Tuesdays at 6.15pm for grouped pacer sessions and Sundays at 10.30am when we run free!

At both sessions realBUZZ Liverpool kindly provide us with a secure bag drop, changing rooms, toilets and water.
And best of all it is completely free!


6:15pm Bag Drop (RealBUZZ, Liverpool ONE)
6:20pm Warm Up (Green Gates by John Lewis)
6:30pm Photo, Groups & Run
7:00pm Cool Down (Liverpool ONE)
Session Rota: Tempo – Hills – Interval – Mile

The last session of the month always contains a few surprises


10:30am Bag Drop (RealBUZZ, Liverpool ONE)
10:40am Warm Up, Photo & Run (Green Gates by John Lewis)

Distances: 5k, 7k, 10k, 10 mile & 10mile+

Sessions completed at a leisurely, social pace


To ensure that everybody gets the most out of the sessions we split into groups to keep runners of a similar ability together, however, we never apply pressure on anyone to move groups and if sometimes you feel like an easier week you can drop down a group.

Group 1

Mile Pace: 9 mins+

5K Pace: 27 mins+

Pacer Team: Ali & Ken

Group 2

Mile Pace: 8:30 mins

5K Pace: 25 to 27 mins

Pacer Team: Imelda & Dan

Group 3

Mile Pace: 8 min

5K Pace: 23 to 25 mins

Pacer Team: Mel & David

Group 4

Mile Pace: sub 7:30 min

5K Pace: 20 to 23 mins

Pacer Team: Sophie & Jay

Group 5

Mile Pace: sub 6:30 min

5K Pace: sub 20 mins

Pacer Team: Sophie & Jay


We have a fantastic pacer team who work extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure that every session is fun whilst also pushing you to your limits to maximise your potential.  They have all acheived some pretty awesome feats aswell!!

Group 1: Ali

Ali has been with Dockside since the very start and is dedicated to bringing on all of the new runners to work through the distances.  Always ready with a smile and some awesome post race baking!

Group 1: Ken

Coach Ken is our resident ‘Mr Disney’ after taking part in multiple races in Disneyland and is currently training for the Chicago marathon in 2018.  Also our warm up leader, Ken is an expert at getting complete novices to fall in love with running

Group 2: Imelda

In 2017 Imelda completed one hundred 10k’s over 100 consecutive days and always with a smile on her face.  In fact no one at Dockside has ever seen her in any mood other than happy, positive and smiling.

Group 2: Dan

Dan has completed multiple marathons and ultra marathons and always does it with an air of cool.  He also loves a squat as Group 2 will attest to!

Group 3: Mel

As well as being a Group 3 pacer, Mel is also the unofficial Dockside social secretary.  Always ready to organise one of the legendary socials.

Group 3: David

Mr 110%, David does everything to the maximum.  He pushes Group 3 to their limit every week but will never ask for more than he is willing to do himself.  At some point he will amaze us all and have a rest, but don’t hold your breath!

Group 4/5: Sophie

Unofficial Dockside leader, Sophie is always ready with encouraging words and positive vibes.  Impressively she also knows the name of every single Docksider (and there are an awful lot of us!)

Group 4/5: Jay

What can be said about Jay?  Docksides Mr Superhuman will complete a triathlon in the morning, an ultramarathon at lunchtime and do 100 miles on the bike before his tea!

What Dockside means to me

It doesn’t matter if it is your first session or 100th session, you are shown the same level of support and encouragement and every achievement is celebrated equally whether it is an ultra marathon or your first 1k run without stopping.

Dockside Runners is more than just a run club, it’s a philosophy.

From the milers to the ultramarathoners, from the first timers to the veterans, from the speedsters to the plodders, we are all equally important to the makeup of this great club. We are a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds that reflects the diversity and inclusivity of the wonderful city of Liverpool.

Karl Corrick Adidas Karl

We are the best in the world because the pacers and members are motivated despite the weather conditions and…life.  Our club is highly addictive and pacers + runners have high initiative and keep prompting for and organizing events – especially charity.

Alexandra Kokkinaki

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the things we get asked quite a lot.  If you’ve got a question that isn’t covered here, head on over to our Facebook page where you will always find someone available to help.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Dockside?

Nothing, nada, zip, zilch, a big fat zero.  You get the idea!

Where Do You Meet?

You can find us at realbuzz store on the top floor of Liverpool ONE, right next door to the Apple Store.  (But we’re much cooler than those guys!)

When Do You Run?

The long answer is here, however the short answer is, Tuesdays and Sundays, but our awesome crew run on other days as well so head on over to our Facebook page to find exact details.

Is There Anywhere To Get Changed?

The absolute legends at realbuzz provide a changing room and secure storage lockers.  They even provide a Dockside water cooler!

I’m Coming For The First Time This Week, What Do I Need To Do?

Get to the realbuzz store and look out for one of the yellow legends with ‘PACER’ adorned on their back, introduce yourself (or if your particularly shy, just loiter around one of them and they’ll pick up your ‘I’m a really nervous newbie’ vibe) and they’ll show you the ropes and get you to fill in a registration form and that’s it.

I Haven’t Ran For Ages/Before, Won’t I Just Slow Everyone Down?

Absolutely not!  We cater for every single ability.  Don’t forget, everyone in the club started the same way.  We all know that ‘new runner’ feeling, the nerves, the worry about looking daft or slowing people down.  The fact that you have put on a pair of trainers and started the journey instantly makes you awesome! And we love Awesome!  And we’ll let you into a secret, in the whole history of Dockside Runners we have never had a week without someone new starting so you will either be one of many new faces or a veteran showing newbies the ropes within a month.

How Fast/Slow Do You Go?

The full breakdown is here but we roughly keep to sub 8 minute miles (Group 4), 8-9 minute miles (Group 3), 9-10 minute miles (Group 2) & 10+ minute miles (Group 1).  However there is no pressure to stick to a group if you find it too easy or too difficult.  The most important thing is that you enjoy your running.