We are an informal, unaffiliated running collective based in the heart of Liverpool City Centre.  Founded in early 2016 we have risen to become an established part of the Liverpool running community and we were very proud to be awarded Club of the Year at the 2018 City of Liverpool Sports and Physical Activity Awards.  Our diverse group contains social plodders, running junkies, aspiring athletes and even a couple of Great Britain representatives.

No matter where you are on the scale, from complete beginner taking up running for the first time to seasoned athlete looking for that final push for event qualification we firmly believe, Dockside Runners is the home you have been looking for.


We meet on Tuesdays at 6.15pm for grouped pacer sessions and Sundays at 10.30am when we run mixed distances with the emphasis on a relaxed social run.  At both sessions realBUZZ Liverpool kindly provide us with a secure bag drop, changing rooms, toilets and water and best of all, it is completely FREE


6.15pm Bag Drop

6.20pm Warm Up

6.30pm Photo, Groups & Run

7.30pm Cool Down

Session rota : Tempo – Hills – Interval – Mile

The last session of the month always contains a few surprises!


10.30am Bag Drop

10.40am Warm Up

Distances : 5k, 7k, 10k, 10mile & 10mile+

Sessions completed at a leisurely pace


To ensure that everybody gets the most out of the sessions we split into groups to keep runners of similar ability together, however, we never apply pressure on anyone to move groups and if sometimes you feel like having an easier week you can drop down a group.

Mile Pace: 9+ mins

5k Pace: 27+ mins

Pacer Team: Ali & Ken

Mile Pace: 8:30 mins

5k Pace: 25 to 27 mins

Pacer Team: Imelda & Dan

Mile Pace: 8 min

5k Pace: 23 to 25 mins

Pacer Team: Sophie & David

Mile Pace: 6:30 to 7:30 mins

5k Pace: 20 to 23 mins

Pacer Team: Mel & Jay

Mile Pace: sub 6:30 mins

5k Pace: sub 20 mins

Pacer Team: Mel & Jay


We have a fantastic volunteer pacer team who work extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure that every session is fun whilst also pushing you to your limits to maximise your potential.  As well as being pacers they have all also achieved some pretty awesome feats aswell.

Group 1

Ali has been with Dockside since the very start and is dedicated to bringing on all of the new runners to work through the distances.  Ali is always ready with a smile and some awesome post race baking

Group 1

Coach Ken is our resident Mr Disney after taking part in multiple races in Disneyland and marathons in America.  Also our warm up lead, Ken is an expert at getting complete novices to fall in love with running

Group 2

In 2017 Imelda completed one hundred 10k’s over 100 consecutive days and always with a smile on her face.  Someone once thought they saw Imelda not smiling but it turns out they were wrong!

Group 2

Dan has completed multiple marathons and ultra marathons and always does it with an air of cool about him.  He also loves a squat, as Group 2 will attest to!

Group 3

Sophie is always ready with encouraging words and positive vibes.  Impressively she knows the name of every single Docksider (and there are an awful lot of us!)

Group 3

Mr 110%, David does everything to the maximum.  He pushes Group 3 to their limit every week but will never ask for more than he is prepared to do himself.  At some point he will amaze us all and have a rest, but don’t hold your breath!

Groups 4 & 5

As well as being a Group 4 & 5 pacer, Mel is also the Dockside social secretary and always ready with the next legendary Dockside Social

Groups 4 & 5

What can be said about Jay?  Mr Superhuman, will complete a triathlon in the morning, then time to squeeze in an ultramarathon in the afternoon and do 100 miles on the bike before his tea!


It doesn’t matter if it is your first session or 100th session, you are always shown the same level of support, encouragement and inclusion and every achievement is celebrated equally regardless of whether it is an ultra marathon or your first 1km run without stopping

‘Dockside Runners is more than just a run club, it is a philosophy’

Sophie Miller

Hands down the best club I have ever been a part of! It’s only been a year but I have never felt more included or more part of a family almost! Never did I think I would be able to achieve as much as I have done, and it’s all down to Dockside! I have met friends for life through this club, so everyone, just keep being you as you’re all FANTASTIC!

Sophie Miller

Sarah Jones

Dockside is so inclusive. Even to the more mature runner!  I’ve made some lovely friends and have never been made to feel like the old slow woman.  I’ve also achieved so many goals with the support and encouragement from everyone. Amazing club

Sarah Jones
‘No not that Sarah Jones, the other Sarah Jones’

Ben Francis

Dockside is more than a running club, from the first session if you want to be part of a family you fit right in. The thing with families is you celebrate the “obvious” achievements, like winning or impressive times, but also the progression. That’s what sets this club apart, you’ll struggle to find a more nurturing environment for almost every level of runner. And this is why I’m proud to be a Docksider!

Ben Francis
2017 Dockside Runner of the Year

Paul Curtis

Choose Dock. Choose Side. Choose running. Choose a family. Choose a flipping good group of guys, choose trainers, socks, tight shorts and winter safety lights. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and go-go stamina. Choose a free, volunteer led club. Choose a starter distance. Choose new friends. Choose sportswear and matching headband. Choose an all out intervals session on Wavertree running track. Choose determination and wondering why the heck you are up on a Sunday morning. Choose giving 100% and then high fiving in a fun but ironic way. Choose PB’ing all your distances and then being even more determined to PB them again. Choose your running club. Choose Dockside Runners.

Paul Curtis 
‘The Dockside Banksy’

Karl Corrick

From the milers to the ultramarathoners, from the first timers to the veterans, from the speedsters to the plodders, we are all equally important to the makeup of this great club. We are a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds that reflects the diversity and inclusivity of the wonderful city of Liverpool.

Karl Corrick
‘Adidas Karl’

Ricardo Galvão de Mello

Dockside Runners are a special group of people. After arriving Liverpool in 2016, I was received with open arms and literaly felt I belonged to a great family, with great people that share the same interest, to run. No matter where you are from, you’re always going to be welcome! Thanks you Dockside for being this special to me and to everyone else.

Ricardo Galvão de Mello

David Lawton

Joining Dockside has become one of the best decisions of my life.  My initial reason for joining was knowing I had to up my game for challenges I had planned.  In a short time I became friends with like minded people and bounced off everyones enthusiasm and feed from the positivity.  Every session brought the best out of me and I found myself smashing every race and challenge I entered.  One year later I was asked to become a pacer and this is when things went up a whole new level!  Now I have to bring the best out in others and there’s no greater feeling knowing you’ve pushed someone to their limits to achieve their goals. I literally need sedating after our sessions, the enthusiasm and effort from everyone is intense and infectious, who knows where this will lead to.

David Lawton
‘Mr 110%’

Jonathan Phillips

Even though I don’t come very often any more, I know every time I come I’ll be welcomed with open arms, run with amazing friends and be pushed to meet new challenges. The culture that this club has created is unbelievable. This club is huge part of my life and something I will always be proud to a part of.

Jonathan Phillips

Ken Mullen

Dockside Runners has become my calling in a way. I never in a million years thought it would give me so much happiness, experiences, friendships and so many laughs.  Without this club I wouldn’t have trained for my first marathon, becoming a pacer, becoming a Leader in Running Fitness and my first foray into coaching.  It wouldn’t have given me the joys of bringing on the next generation of firsts, be it their first mile, 5k, 10k half marathon and the marathon. I wouldn’t be able to share in the highs and lows of our athletes, from runs where they think they can’t do this to 10 minute PBs in the rain and cold crossing the line together hand in hand.  This club has changed my life in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine.  It’s made me become comfortable being Ken.

Ken Mullen
‘Ambassador of (S)Miles’

Alexandra Kokkinaki

We are the best in the world because the pacers and members are motivated despite the weather conditions and…life.  Our club is highly addictive and pacers + runners have high initiative and keep prompting for and organizing events – especially charity.

Alexandra Kokkinaki

Melissa Dixon

I initially joined on the basis of  ‘Let’s see how long I last before I get fed up’ and thinking that everyone will know each other and be a clique.  Every single person in the club is an inspiration no matter what achievement they have. I’ve found that if you believe in yourself you’re at least half way there.  This club has been the best decision I’ve made!  3 years later and I’m not looking back

Melissa Dixon

Darren Morris

Initially I joined Dockside because it had really good reviews from runners and for me it’s the best desicion I have ever made.  The people make this a truly great running club.  It is the place to be if you are looking to get into shape, have fun and meet some inspirational and motivational people.  I would have probably given up running if I hadn’t joined this great place, so hats off to the pacers and the runners.  I’m so looking forward to many of years running with Dockside.

Darren Morris

Sophie Green

There are no egos and cliques, just the friendliest people with the warmest smiles that you could ever wish to meet.  There are people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities – a true microcosm of this great city!

Sophie Green

David Todd

Since joining in 2015, Dockside Runners have given me so much.  I have gone from a 5k slogger to a half marathon expert and this club has been with me every step of the way with support, encouragement, advice and loads and loads of positivity.  I have met some inspirational, amazing people through Dockside and no small amount of running acquaintances I now class as friends.

David Todd
‘Mr Half Marathon’

Neil Tabor

I have been with Dockside Runners since May, just having run my first 10K. The club welcomed me warmly, and that made me feel good. Subsequently I have entered many 10k races, completed parkruns and completed my first 10 mile race. During this journey everyone in the club has supported me, encouraged me and helped me. Too many people too mention and I consider everyone to be a friend. My progression has been phenomenal in 5 months, this would not have been achieved without the help of this great club. This is the best running club in Liverpool.

Neil Tabor


These are some of the things we get asked quite a lot.  If you’ve got a question that isn’t covered here then head over to our Facebook page where you will always find someone available to help.


Nothing. Nada, Zilch. Zip. A big fat zero. You get the picture!  All we will ask you to do on your first session is register and you are good to go


You can find us at realBUZZ Liverpool store located at 62 Lord Street


Those absolute legends at realBUZZ Liverpool provide changing rooms and secure storage.  They even provide a post run Dockside water cooler!


Head over to the desk in the realBUZZ Liverpool store and let the staff know that it is your first time.  They will ask you to fill in a registration form and point you in the direction of one of the pacers who will show you the ropes.


The long answer is here, however the short answer is, Tuesdays and Sundays, but our awesome crew run on other days as well so head over to our Facebook page to find exact details


Absolutely not! We cater for every single ability.  Don’t forget, the majority of people in the club started the same way.  We all understand that ‘new runner’ feeling, the nerves, the worry about loking daft or slowing people down.  The very fact that you have put on a pair of trainers and started your journey instantly makes you awesome.  And we love awesome!


We are very active on social media and the quickest way to get in touch with us is through our Facebook page

Where to find us

realBUZZ Store

62 Lord Street


L2 1TD

When we meet

Tuesdays 6.15pm

Sundays 10.30am